About This Chick

About This Chick

Heeeey!!! I’m Ginny.  I'm an absolute control freak who loves to cook, be creative, fix things, and RUN! (In case you didn’t figure that out from the name of my blog).  I usually drive my family crazy at every given opportunity just because it's me.  I’m sarcastic and at times obnoxious.  I love hard and am honest to a fault.  I’m an amazing listener, and an awful dancer (but that never stops me).  I battle anxiety and panic attacks from time to time and although it causes me to shut down, it allows me to write and be open about my experiences.  I’m a loud advocate for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and am an active member of the PCOS community online. My writing has been featured on The Mighty. Everything I talk about here is entirely me, my opinions, my life.  Take it or leave it. Pick up your favorite drink (preferably wine or coffee) and enjoy the show.

In case you're wondering I also started this cool thing called The You Matter To Me Project with one of my best friends.  If you want to add a little more love and kindess to the world, check it out.


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