Shine Bright Sweet One

 Shine Bright Sweet One

Hey, girl.  Yeah, you.  The one who isn’t sure of herself.  The one who questions her beauty.  The one who thinks she isn’t up to par.  You don’t feel thin enough, muscular enough, pretty enough, tall enough… or you feel too tall, too chunky, you didn’t hit the goals you want… the one who questions her self-worth daily, questions her ability to do her job… the one who is just tire of it all… I see you.  I see you all.  I feel your pain.  I want you to know that I’m here.  If I could make it better for you I would, but I can’t.  It’s not my job.  I can support you.  I can give you hugs.  I can be your cheerleader everyday for a year.  I can listen and see your pain but I can’t fix it.

I’m going to get real now and you may not want to hear it but you have to.

YOU are the only one that can fix it.

I sit on the sidelines. I am your friend.  I am part of your support system.  I watch you fall apart and wish beyond measure that the fix comes soon, but it won’t until you see how truly wonderful you are. I can promise you it will get better…. and it will… but it takes time.  I’ve seen you grow bit by bit and I’ll stand next to you so if you need that hand to hold it is there… but your strength must come from within.  I see how you love so very hard and give all you can to those around you… but when will you do that for yourself?  When will you step up to be your own hero?  You deserve it more than anyone.  So I pray you see the good in you, too.  I will continue to tell you that you can shine, because you can and YOU WILL.  You have more inner strength hiding in that heart of your’s than you believe and you will kick ass as soon as you discover it is there. YOU WILL SHINE BRIGHT, SWEET PEA.  I see it more than you do right now but you are capable of having it all.  It’s hard to hear the doubt from others but if you listen to it from yourself you will fall and you’ll fall hard.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be there to pick up the pieces like I always do.  I promise that to you.

Are you ready to step up?  Are you ready to shine?  Are you ready to light your own fire and take on the world?

Baby girl, Friend, Beautiful woman… tell yourself right now that YOU ARE WORTH IT. Make a promise to yourself that you can push through the pain and endure.  You’ve come a long way from where you started and will make an impact on this world because you can.  That will that you have to try to make others happy through your kindness, smart words, and bright personality… turn that around and us it on yourself for once.  Don’t ever let the world dull your shine.  Grab some spit and polish right now.  Give yourself that pep talk.  Get it done.  I’ll be standing right by your side.  I see the light in your eyes and can’t wait to witness the beauty of you.

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