Lighting the spark

Lighting the spark

What does it take to get you to be the best version of you? Is something holding you back?

Did you decide to start with a goal in mind? What made you start?

Do you need encouragement to move forward? Where does the encouragement come from?

Can you do it alone? What’s stopping you??

I faced my own battles for years. I definitely could not have started it on my own. What was my motivation? I wanted a baby… really really bad. One of the interesting things about PCOS is that losing weight is known to level out your hormones. The problem is that PCOS can stop you from losing weight. Weird, right? Your body works against you in so many different ways. In 2007 I tried super hard to work on my own to do that. I had limited knowledge on what would work best for me but I had a gym buddy. It took some time and I had a little success… enough to help me have a little guy. Round 2 was in 2011. With some encouragement from hubs I headed to the local gym. This time I met with a personal trainer and boy did I get my ass kicked. I loved it though. It was at that point that I started to chronicle my journey on social media. That is what fueled me. I post my progress. I felt accountable. I was given loads of encouragement and I learned to power on. I felt amazing. I was just doing me. I was happy. I was successful… and that’s where it all began. The messages were pouring in and they continue to do so today. A private message here. Another one there.

“Ginny, what are you doing? I need to do that, too. I love what you’re doing. I started going to the gym this week. I started eating better. It’s because of you. You INSPIRE me. “

Whooooaa!!! Wait. What?

I wasn’t sure I read that right the first time… but there was a second, and a then a third… and well, here we are 6 years later and I’m still getting these messages. I’m glad that I can help in some way and will at times joke about it because in reality I don’t think I’m doing anything special. I’m just being vocal about what I do. That being said, we all need someone to push us further and I’m just as guilty of writing those “YOU INSPIRE ME” posts.

So where am I going with this? Don’t ever be ashamed or scared to share your story. What seems meaningless or an outlet to you may help someone else. Share your accomplishments. Share your defeats.


I’m not going to lie.  I have my own source of inspiration and encouragement… the one that pushes me further just from her own accomplishments and ability to move forward even when she is having her own difficulties.  You see me pushing forward constantly because of this woman.   So thank you, my dear friend for always sharing your story. Congratulations on conquering your biggest fear and for taking 2nd place in the NYC Triathlon this weekend.   

We are all human. We all need to hear that the person next to us isn’t perfect. Push, strive, achieve, encourage each other.  Carry on, loves.

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