Running For A Goal

Running For A Goal

How many times in your life can you say you needed something more?

Did you reach out and try to find what that something more was?

Do you set goals? Do you try to meet them?

What your goals are aren’t really the important part. The important part is the journey to reach them. The part that makes you grow… the part that pulls you out of your comfort zone… the part that changes you… the part that makes you strain and struggle during the process.  These are the real reasons to set goals. This is what makes it feel like a real accomplishment.

My goals vary from year to year. They sometimes change day to day. One of my biggest goals this year that I threw out there was to finally run a half marathon. While I believe physically that goal is definitely achievable I have yet to mentally prepare myself for it. I don’t run often anymore… not for lack of want, more for lack of time. It hasn’t been a priority. Sleep has. With 3 children in a wide age-range, the day runs become difficult. Night running became my thing. It WAS my preference when I could afford to stay up until 11:30pm. With two littles that rarely sleep well for me, it’s no longer plausible.  So that goal I mentioned… it’s feeling much harder to reach. I keep telling myself I have plenty of time, that is, until I realize it’s almost May. I’m working on it. I think.

So as I mentioned, goals are shifting. I agreed to run a 5k this weekend and (gasp!) a 10k next weekend. I know I’ll finish. I know my time won’t be fantastic. My goals aren’t to participate, finish, run fast, etc. My goals are harder. This time it’s to power through. It’s to not give up in my mind. To push those feet a little further so I don’t start to give up on my body and walk. My body is strong. My body may not be exactly where I want it to be but it’s much stronger than it has been in a long time. This time these races are testing my brain and my will. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little scared. The 10k is already playing mind games with me. I never made it to this one last year. I bailed on it last minute. I was terrified last time. My anxiety was high then because my first 10k, just weeks prior, toyed with me. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the distance, hills, cold, rain. It was too much. This time I’m terrified but excited. I know my route. It’s set in my head. I keep running it over and over. I know my landmarks. It’s going to happen and I will smile through it no matter how hard. It will not break me. It will not make me cry. Those goals to me are more important to me than anything else. Completing that journey can and will make me feel invincible.

You want to do something satisfying? Find something that fulfills your soul. Find something that makes you grin ear to ear.  GO FIND YOUR HAPPY. I’m always looking for mine.

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