There’s Always A Plan

There’s Always A Plan

I’m forever the planner.  Life is like a chess game to me.  I’m always 6 or 7 steps ahead of the game.  I’m the product of overthinking.  I don’t know how my husband puts up with me ever (<—- See. Overthinking again).  What’s bizarre is that my planning at times can come across as being impulsive.   Showing impulse may not necessarily be a bad thing but it can throw your world around when no one else is expecting it.

Case in point:  I randomly painted a bedroom this weekend.  I just decided that Monday was the day to start it.  Monday… the day I had all 3 kids home, one with a fever at the beginning end of a stomach virus.  Yup, that was a solid choice (sense the sarcasm?).  I think anyone would have thought I was crazy.  I didn’t though.  I was ready to get started with my plan.  It was a BIG one that starts with little steps.  We have a lot going on here over the next few months.  1.  We are redoing our kid’s rooms.  2.  We are beginning construction on our house.   3.  We have furniture for said room makeover errrwhere…. including in my gym.  What’s that mean for me?  It means no treadmill running and my workouts get pushed into the toy infested living room.  I haven’t been happy with that.  So although hubs and I spoke about a summer makeover, Ginny planned it out in her head and is getting it done sooner rather than later.  Three months without a treadmill is not, I repeat NOT in my plan whatsoever.

Impulsive painting? No.

Well planned out DIY?  Yes.

Let me breakdown my chess game:

Move 1… Paint room A, setup new furniture.  Move 3 kids into one room.

Move 2… Paint room B

Move 3… Remove furniture from gym.  Bye bye crib, hello big girl bed.  Move little kids into room B.

Move 4… Adios all things baby

Move 5… Helllloooo treadmill!!!  Helllooo clear mind.  Hellllooo alone time.

^^^^^  Master plan complete ^^^^^^

So call me impulsive if you want, but in reality I’m going to be forever the planner.  So if you ever see me doing something that looks super random…. like painting on a random Monday…. chopping down something in my garden…. starting a blog and social media page… or idk signing up for a 1/2 marathon… odds are there is reasoning behind it.  Yes……. there was a teaser in there… stay tuned.



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